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Congress Topics

The Congress will address the broader context of arsenic research along the following themes (but not only be restricted) to the following themes:

Theme 1: Arsenic Behaviour in changing environmental media

- Sources, transport and fate of arsenic in groundwater systems

- Origin and reactivity of organic matter in high arsenic groundwater systems

- Biogeochemical processes controlling arsenic mobility and redox transformation

- Linkage of arsenic dynamics to groundwater hydraulic changing

- Impacts of climate change on groundwater arsenic and other redox-sensitive elements

- Arsenic and other trace elements in Chinese groundwater

- Spatial and temporal evolution of arsenic in mine waste and tailings

- Arsenic mobility and fate in contaminated soils and sediments

- Arsenic in dust and road deposits

- Advances and challenges in arsenic analysis in solid and aqueous matrix

Theme 2: Arsenic in a Changing Agricultural ecosystem

- Processes and pathways of arsenic in agricultural ecosystems

- Arsenic dynamics in rhizospheres

- Microbial ecology of arsenic biotransformation in soils

- Molecular mechanisms of plant arsenic uptake

- Arsenic in marine biota

- Speciation and toxicity of arsenic in food chain

Theme 3: Health Impacts of Environmental Arsenic

- Neurophysiological and IQ impacts of arsenic

- Exposure and epidemiology of arsenic impacts on human health

- Genetic predisposition of chronic arsenic poisoning

- Reliable biomarkers for arsenic exposure

- Risk assessment of chronic ingestion

- Threshold values of food arsenic

- Multi metal synergies in chronic exposure cases

Theme 4: Technologies for Arsenic immobilization and Clean Water Blueprints

- Adsorption and co-precipitation for arsenic removal

- Ion exchange and membrane technologies

- Nanotechnology applications in arsenic treatment

- Arsenic solidification and immobilization for contaminated soils

- Phytoremediation of arsenic-contaminated soils

- Innovative technologies

Theme 5: Sustainable Mitigation and Management

- Societal involvement for mitigations of long-term exposure

- Policy instruments to regulate arsenic exposures

- Risk assessments and remediation of contaminated land and water environments – Case studies

- Mitigation and management of arsenic in a sustainable way

- Drinking water regulations of water safety plan

- Arsenic in drinking water and implementation plan for safe drinking water supply from sustainable development perspectives