Habibul Ahsan

Published in  2017-08-03 10:43:19       

  Professor of Clinical Epidemiology
  Center for Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA

  E-mail: habib@uchicago.edu

Talk Title: “Human Health Effects of Arsenic Exposure: Biology to Prevention”

Dr. Habibul Ahsan (http://health.bsd.uchicago.edu/PersonProfile/Habibul-Ahsan) is currently the Louis Block Professor of Epidemiology, Medicine and Human Genetics at The University of Chicago, an Associate Director at the University’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Associate Director of the Center for Global Health. His research interests focus on multidisciplinary environmental and public health research integrating societal, clinical, behavioral, environmental, and genomic factors within the context of etiology and prevention of cancer, CVD and other chronic diseases. In particular, he led large-scale population studies and prevention trials investigating molecular, genomic and clinical health outcomes in relation to arsenic exposure and their prevention strategies. He led a 16-year prospective cohort study of 35,000 adults and a 6-year prevention trial among 7,000 patients with arsenic exposure in Bangladesh. He serves on numerous national and international expert panels and committees.

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