Debapriya Mondal

Published in  2018-01-14 20:41:54       

School of Environment and Life Sciences 
The University of Salford


Talk tile: Role of diet on arsenic induced toxicity
Debapriya Mondal is Senior Lecturer of Safety, Health and Environment and Programme leader of PGT Environment and Health programmes in the School of Environment and Life Sciences at the University of Salford (Manchester). Currently, council member of SETAC UK , committee  member of UK & Ireland Exposure Science Group, and council member of International Conference on Molecular Signalling, she is coordinating international networking  largely with India. She has >10 years’ experience working in the area of arsenic induced environmental toxicity and has significant understanding of working in the rural areas of the Bengal Delta in India. Her contribution to arsenic research in West Bengal, India has had major societal impact, with results driving policy decisions and the development of a network involving research institutes, government representatives and NGOs responsible for mitigation measures. She is currently working on DST-UKIERI Thematic partnership funded project (£195K) in collaboration with Indian partners investigating socio-demographic, lifestyle and dietary composition correlates in arsenic-exposed populations of Bihar in India. Please see: 

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