Patrick van der Wens

Published in  2018-03-06 12:43:18       

Patrick van der Wens
Head of the Engineering Department and member of the Production Management of Drinking Water, Brabant Water Supply Company, Den Bosch, the Netherlands.


Talk tile: Integrating arsenic in water safety planning in the Netherlands
Patrick van der Wens holds both master degree's in Civil Engineering and Public Management. He has twenty years of experience in the risk based improvement of Drinking Water Supply in the Netherlands. From 2011 to 2017 he chaired the Dutch Platform for Policy Implementation and Improvement. From 2013 to 2016 he led the Expertgroup on Arsenic in the Netherlands. He started the process that led to the adoption by the Dutch water suppliers of a national guideline on arsenic in drinking water at the level of 1,0 microgram per liter. 
Currently Patrick is leading the engineering department of Brabant Water which is implementing and further developing the de-arsenification process called Advanced Oxidation-Coagulation Filtration (AOCF). Based on a modelled dose-effect relationship the benefits of removing arsenic outweigh the costs using these techniques. Several treatment plants have been adjusted with AOCF which led to further insight and optimization possibilities. Current research projects show better results at even lower cost levels for conventional groundwater treatment plants. In his talk Patrick will share the basics of the cost-benefit analysis on arsenic removal and the source to tap experiences within the water supply system dealing with elevated arsenic levels.