Jonathan Lloyd

Published in  2018-04-18 15:19:40       

  Prof. Jonathan Lloyd
  School of Earth and Environmental Sciences 
  The University of Manchester
  Tel: 0161 275-7155

Title of topic: Unravelling the role of microorganisms in arsenic mobilization using metagenomic techniques
Prof Jon Lloyd is Professor of Geomicrobiology and Director of the Williamson Research Centre for Molecular Environmental Science at the University of Manchester. He has published more than 200 papers addressing the mechanism of microbial redox transformations of iron, and other metals, metalloids and radionuclides in a range of environmental and biotechnological contexts. He was awarded the 2006 Geological Society of London Bigsby Medal, the 2018 Schlumberger Award of the Mineralogical Society, and in 2014 was cited as one of the Top 100 Practicing UK Scientists by the UK Science Council. Between 2010 and 2014 he was a Royal Society Industrial Fellow, and from 2015 to 2020 has been awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Merit award for his work on subsurface microbiology. A particular focus of the Manchester Geomicrobiology Group over the last decade has been the impact of microbial metabolism on trace metal solubilities in the subsurface, and this has included work on the role of bacterial metal reduction on the mobilisation of arsenic in aquifers in Asia. Current work focuses on applying multi-omic techniques to help dissect the role of microorganisms in this process, built on strong collaborations with colleagues in Europe, North America and Asia, and focusing on field sites in Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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