Arsenic in Environment:Global Distribution,Exposure Pathways,Health Risk,Mitigation and ManagementMitigation and Management

Published in  2017-12-02 11:29:31       

Global Distribution, Exposure Pathways, Health Risk, Mitigation and Management

About this Research Topic

Arsenic is found as a drinking water contaminant, in many regions all around the world, and is a major environmental challenge in both developing as well as industrialized countries. However, addressing the problem requires different approaches which take into account, the differential economic and social conditions in both country groups.  It has been estimated that 200 million people worldwide are at risk from drinking water containing high concentrations of As, a number which is expected to further increase due to the recent lowering of the limits of arsenic concentration in drinking water to 10 μg/L, which has already been adopted by many countries, and some authorities are even considering decreasing this value further.

This research topic will cover the distribution and occurrence, pathways of exposure, health risks, mitigation and management of arsenic in the environment in the European Union, as well as from a global perspective. Occurrence in both groundwaters and soils will be documented, together with concentrations in food and beverages, in particular rice and baby-rice products. Exposure routes and biomarkers that may be used as proxies for exposure will be outlined. Various models for estimating health risk and in particular their variation between different sub-groups will be rendered. Management of these risks through regulation and effective treatment to provide safe drinking water and safe food to communities is essential and will be outlined.

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